From Linda’s clients

    … I thought I was doing pretty great but with one issue to work out. My one "issue" was impacting so much of my life that I didn't want to acknowledge it. Once I confronted it, everything in my life changed for the better.

    Linda demonstrates a level of care, compassion, and leadership that both guides your discussion and makes you feel comfortable.

    This was absolutely worth the investment. Finding my happiness and joy again was priceless. If you are open and willing to work, you can come away a new person. 

    Cassandra Moffitt, Rochester, NY

     “(Linda) helped me to figure out that I didn't have to "drive and strive.” I can't say I got out of the coaching relationship what I expected to, I got so much more than I ever expected. I didn't know how impactful, coaching would be and how life changing it would be. And I don't use that lightly saying life changing. I honestly do think my life is different now. My family says that as well while I was working with (Linda) I got so much feedback from my wife saying, “You are back, your joy for life is back.” So ‘life-changing’ is not too big a word to use for what I got from coaching… “    

    Michelle Wescott, Rochester, NY

    Behind The Scenes

    Normal Lies Podcast, Episode 7


    Linda brings such a wonderful combination of loving inspiration and no-nonsense accountability to coaching.  She has not only consistently worked with me to be MY best in every area that I am working on in my life, but beyond that has inspired me and coached me to step outside of my comfort zone, color outside the lines and break through self-imposed barriers and limitations.

    She creates a space in which I feel safe to frequently call myself out on my own ‘shenanigans’ which can so often impede progress.  If you are looking for someone who will partner with you in reaching your goals, creating new ones and providing structure and velocity to the process, Linda is your person.

    Marina R., Stamford, CT

    Linda is tough (in a good way). She is great at making you look at difficult things and helps to get you results. Linda is kind, thoughtful, insightful and encouraging. Her strategies and ideas are life changing.

    It’s not easy work and it takes time and effort, but it is a life changing process. The results are amazing and life-changing so if you’re considering signing up, DO IT!

    Lauren G., Rochester, NY

    Linda challenges me without being abrasive. She made me look within myself where I have not gone before.  I used to think that I wouldn’t change and that I didn’t have much to offer. I was living life just going through the motions.

    Now I know that I have much to offer to my friends, family and people I have yet to meet. I have learned to accept myself and understand that change takes time and practice.

    It is hard work and challenging but it is eye opening and well worth the time and money. You will not regret the time spent.

    DLH, Penfield, NY

    If you are willing to do the work to help yourself thrive and not just survive then this program is for you. It allowed me to be accountable for following through with my investment in myself and I learned about the importance of taking care of my well-being.

    Linda is caring and knowledgeable in bringing out the best in people to be a better version of themselves.

    Now, instead of drifting without direction, I’m empowered to achieve my best life.


    Before I started coaching with Linda, I felt stuck, and I was not enjoying my work. I was very close to quitting my Ph.D.

    After coaching, I feel that I understand better who I am and where my strength lies, which helps me to understand how to better draw enjoyment from my work. Also, having a coach helped me to "get into action" (as Linda would always emphasize) and push me towards becoming a better version of myself. 

    Coaching with Linda went beyond my expectations. It's hard to describe what exactly it is that it pulled me out from my slump; it's likely a combination of understanding myself better and having the support from Linda to overcome life's resistance.

    Since coaching, I am better able to vocalize and distinguish the type of work that would make me happy and fulfilled, which I think in turn is helping to tune me towards these types of opportunities. I am writing this testimonial 9 months after my last coaching session with Linda, and I still feel the lasting benefits from the coaching. I feel that I am equipped with better tools to rise up to life's challenges. 

    If you are considering working with Linda, I say, “Go for it!” It will be worth it. 

    D.X., Rochester, NY

    There are “no hard edges” to Linda’s coaching style. Accepting and kind, she inspires me to round off the hard edges in my life and personality.  Linda is not speaking from a high and mighty platform.  Her many gifts include the way she uses her personal experiences of “before” and “after” in her own growth and expansion. That way, we identify with her past struggles and challenges. She shows us a softer way.

    If you want to get the most out of coaching, bring your honesty. Be clear about what painful areas you have and that you want to change.

    This coaching was priceless—life-changing! I got much more than I ever dreamed!

    Tricia W., Rochester, NY

    Jillian Jones, Olean, NY


    If you are thinking of signing up, you are on the right track if you’re wanting growth and change. It’s a wise decision to make if you’re willing to commit to do the work. Then, if you continue to practice what you’ve learned, you will live a more fulfilling life!

    DK, Rochester, NY

    I didn’t know what it would be like before coaching with Linda, I had no idea what to expect. I thought it would be a list of things I would have to do that would make me feel really uncomfortable.

    But it’s actually more organic and tailored to you. It’s a lot of introspection, looking within, bringing out the good and understanding why you’re getting stuck. If you’re thinking of working with Linda, it is definitely worth the investment. Money can’t buy happiness—but, it can!

    Amanda J., Buffalo, NY